Here we go, 3pm in Malang.
Finally after wandering around places, staying somewhere out there, there were multiple times this missing hit its max level. Now it’s time to have a little doze off and relaxed in a place where house and love pour into a cup called home.
Spending time alone as long as it’s in my hometown wouldn’t be as creepy as dreadful winter under 0 celcius.
I wish I will always be at home.


My heart feels like december, here is what we got, dream brings back the memories and memories bring back you

The little one

She is the one with her innocence always askin me to make lots of duas whenever I am, the one that I saw no flaws 😭 really the one who made all my last days in Jakarta gettin awesome, you deserve everything the best. You deserve all things that makes you happy both dunya and akhirah. You deserve somebody with no flaws either. You are that kid who taught me to be strong when you hold your desperate missing of your mom. You are the world and unforgettable.

The funniest kid and the most wise kid”

Hey kid, you grow up even faster than I am.

How to think

Among the many problems that can be contemplated, maybe I can only choose a few problems that I think are the easiest to deal with. Not that I’m weak but I’m just trying to solve all problems from the smallest. Maybe other people think this is just a cunning and lame. But whatever they say, I just focus on how I solve my problems and not pay attention to their words.